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Why Rebalance?

Many common health concerns are related to high levels of cortisol. Balanced cortisol and hormone levels help support energy, mood, libido, and sleep.

"People don’t realize that so many symptoms of health concerns are caused by stress and hormone imbalance. Rebalance gets to the root of this."

Todd Dorfman, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Rebalance Health

Our Difference: Directline®

Directline® is our proprietary ingredient delivery method that supports absorption and bioavailability.

Clinically Tested & Peer Reviewed

Rebalance is formulated by doctors, clinically tested, 3rd-party peer reviewed, and published in three medical journals.

Rebalance was conceived out of a man's
unwavering love for his wife.

Rebalance emerged not just as a lifeline for my wife, but as a potential global solution to the pervasive issues of imbalanced hormones. I'm beyond thrilled that this journey has paved the way for our hormone balancing systems to touch the lives of many more people that I ever could have imagined.

Justin Hai CEO and Co-Founder of Rebalance Health

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