Rebalance was conceived out of a man’s unwavering love for his wife

"Rebalance was created by Justin as a natural solution for his wife, Jojo following her diagnosis of Cushing’s. Alongside a medical team, he developed a natural, safe, and effective system to lower her cortisol levels naturally rebalancing her hormones, unlocking a world of transformative health benefits and allowing her to reclaim a healthy and vibrant life. Today, Justin has developed three powerful and clinically proven hormone balancing systems that are allowing people everywhere to find their best health and live life to the fullest."

Justin Hai

CEO and Co-Founder of Rebalance Health

Ancient medicine.
Modern delivery.

Science-backed hormone balancing formulas for everyone.

Rebalance Health’s lozenge systems are scientifically proven by clinical studies, peer reviewed and published globally. Each of our products are meticulously formulated in collaboration with an evidence-based team of endocrinologists, hormone experts, naturopaths and disease & age management physicians.

The Science of


Rebalance is built with a team of experts and specialists in endocrinology, naturopathy, trauma, cortisol, and age management focused on creating supplement systems that actually work.

Directline® offers
safer delivery:

No strong coatings that pills typically include to protect from stomach acids

No fillers or other unnecessary ingredients

No fluff. Just the good stuff.

We use purposefully-selective ingredients only if they make our products more effective.

Natural Ingredients

Each ingredient in the Hot Flash System® serves a specific purpose and is backed by science to provide benefits.

Clinically Proven

Proven by 3rd party studies to ease hot flashes in as soon as 2 weeks, with full benefits experienced at 90 days.

Doctor Formulated

Our products are created by a team of specialists in endocrinology, naturopathy, cortisol, and age management.